You may call it obsession !!! Yes Belafonte songs are obsessions for me as I have grown up listening to them. Here's a humble effort. The rendition of the "Chicken" song. Feels nice to be back in loving terms with Animation almost after five years. Feedbacks are always welcomed. Cheers !!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Keep it up. You have an original style.
Belafonte has a timeless appeal it appears.

TEESTA DAS said...

this is really funny and sweet!!
belafonte reminds of my dad! txs priyankar!!

jazzlamb said...

Haha! Hilarious! I love the subtlety with which the rooster works his charm:D

debangshu said...

very refreshing, keep it up Priyankar.


Lavanya said...

I remember how much you wanted to animate this particular song of Bellafonte's, finally did it and hilarious!! :D

kabini said...

Aaaaah bellafonte!
he had such a spell on me as a child.
nice adaptation of the song!