Jihad ?

This is a result of overdose of storyboard for a film based on terrorist activity...really random art.


Im not an expert photographer !!

Express yourself !!

Har fikr ko dhuye mein udhata chala gaya !!

Two of my favourite Photographs taken long back in college... :)


More frames in 30 seconds

Here are the latest ones.

30 secs of "frames"

Well....this post had to come up some day..its been a while I'm been recognised as one of the Storyboard artist from Nid in Mumbai television and Film industry. A roller coaster from "no pay" to "less payed" to "fix frame rates"..its been a long journey. Sleepless nights, neck breaking speed of work is what storyboarding is all about.Visualizing films with directors and cinematographers is fun. These are some selected frames from different commercials which have been already on air.
p.s. Most of them had very little time....:(