A Strange Dream

This Film was made in 2006 as a part of my curriculum diploma project, a self sponsored one.The film is based on my city where I saw the first light of the day, Kolkata , the city of Joy for some or the cultural capital for some others.Its a non linear interpretation of Rabindranath Tagore's poem "A strange dream " with abstract visuals depicted through a kid's dream.


Khude: Little one

This is my class room project done in 2005 back in NID in my final year of my design studies. Its a film based on the complex education system of our country and also portrays a kids inner self through his own shadow. Rest is all in the film . Enjoy!!!


The Last Of the Mohicans

I'm fascinated with the head gears and chiseled faces of these American Indians....its a treat to sketch them....



A quick illustration of the interpretation of my first ever visit to a Fashion show.....guys it only reminded me of this....no offense to the models or the designers !!!


The golden arm behind the oxberry

Dipak bhai the messiah, friend, philosopher, the man behind the HISTORICAL OXBERRY CAMERA and offcourse the genius with binding...


Extremely Random Sketches

Really random sketches during my last visit to my Alma mater.... that place has got characters I must say.

Kids Book llustrations

These are two exploration for a pre-school kid book I'm working on...the process is on...wanted to try out different styles...lets see where it goes.