Gone in 30 seconds

While my students were busy posing and sketching themselves...i too rolled my microtip pen in my sketchbook to capture these in 30 secs.

Learning To Fly

Ode to Tom Petty...


Some birds drawn for a kids text books...rest of the illustrations were boring like the book itself....



Doodle on the sketchbook cover...

The Hunchos

A family of hunched people.....just some character design doodle....

Illustration Friday : Welcome

I spent few years in a steel city in Bihar and everytime i would come back from my hometown after holidays the city WELCOMEd me in this manner. Perhaps its a very common scenario in any other town in India.Just outside the station the govt protected area receives a resident with potholes and road cracks.

Pepsi ad :My can My way

Concept Board for a Pepsi ad.....entirely my visualization.