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Just random scribbling with my new Intuos 3 wacom tablet. Nothing specific...


"To learn and never be filled, is wisdom; to teach and never be weary, is love"

"Those have torches will pass them onto others" that's what Plato said ages ago. Recently I'm keeping myself busy in teaching young hearts and minds back in my Alma mater. I consider myself lucky to be called by the institute which not only grew on me but also helped me grow as an artist who practise design.
The following course was design drawing for animation where we practice various possibilities of drawing using various mediums. Its difficult to teach drawing because I think drawing naturally comes to some people but some needs rigorous practice to reach a point of proficiency. I tried various exercises to make the students comfortable with mediums and also to get rid of the " white paper syndrome" , which I have seen over the years where people are very scared to start drawing on white / blank sheet. The Class consisted of twelve enthusiastic students. " They were open to learn new things" . These r few of their best works.

Name of Students/ Animators :
Jasjyot Singh Hans
Kabini Amin
Smitha s
Lavanya Naidu
Kaveri G
Avirup basu
Arka Gupta
Dipankar Sengupta
Pallavi Verma

Some More Work of my students


Two New books for Penguin

I worked on two books for penguin yet again....the brief for the first book was a little difficult one. It's a book on Saleem Chisti the Religious figure in the moghul era. As nobody has seen him neither we have any artist impression I had to potray him from various angle but not front. These are few of the Illustrations.
The Second book was simple and drawing iconic figures in the world of explorers who visited India.