Illustration Friday: Climbing

....Life is all about climbing till you reach thirty and get hanged by the noose of marriage and other possible predicaments...then is downward slide...At late twenties this all I could conclude, people might differ with me but that's ok :)


Illustration Friday: Pale

If somebody made me pale in my life every time I managed to encounter him in the worst of situations is, my father !!!! Never could convince him with any of my lies or rather truth which he thought is also a bunch of lies!!! After all he is my father...who would know me better than him !!!


Untitled Posts

Just felt like scribbling and these are the outcome !!

Few days with an orange sketchbook

.....rubberband sketchbook, few days of nothingness, just observe and draw !!!

Train Journeys

....Stolen phone, humming AC, luggage, blue curtains, empty stations of Madhya Pradesh, sleepy and snoring passengers..etc etc that's what my train journeys were this winter back home.


Mystic souls : The Fakirs

....they thrive on opium and weed , that's what they refer to as Lord Shiva's prashad . They chant, they sing and they foresees us, lesser mortals. Each one of them have distinct characteristics. They are the " Fakirs " of Bengal . The time spent amongst them was not only exciting but also got to know about hard facts of life. Once again truly a reel material. A visit to Shantiniketan after ten years is worth cherishing these facets of the place.

The Songs of Wandering Souls : Bauls

....they sing the most romantic,authentic, soulful songs about life. They live on high spirits when they sing ( in literal sense )....they shout out the truth. They are the wandering souls called the "bauls". I was fortunate to be amidst them for 5 days and study their gestures and characters. I wish I had a camera , amazing reel material I must say.

Tagore's Abode of Peace : "Shantiniketan"

Nature has always attracted me more than any object of study....perhaps to rejuvenate the love , the trip to Shantiniketan was necessary and I enjoyed every bit of it's grandeur....the smell of the dry grass, the whistling sound of the grasshopper, the palm trees, the faint sound of the tribal drums everything just lured me to go on and on...but i had to stop somewhere...the big city beckoned me once again !!

Way down the red soil of Birbhum

Stepped out of the hustle-bustle of the city, sat under the clear blue sky and sketched "mother" nature on paper. A good way to end the year....