Tagore's Abode of Peace : "Shantiniketan"

Nature has always attracted me more than any object of study....perhaps to rejuvenate the love , the trip to Shantiniketan was necessary and I enjoyed every bit of it's grandeur....the smell of the dry grass, the whistling sound of the grasshopper, the palm trees, the faint sound of the tribal drums everything just lured me to go on and on...but i had to stop somewhere...the big city beckoned me once again !!


Abhishek said...

Robithakur'er "world famous" university te jaash ni.
Shunechhi it is now a hotbed of "the good things in life"

whackonondo said...

love the train-line perspective and your rendering style!

pRiyA said...

hi bondhu,
thanks for coming over and leaving your comment. look at all your drawings! they are fabulous!!