Still burns bright

Randomness with one of my favourite animal....tried to simplify the form


Around the World in 80 days retold by Scholastic, India

An illustration for all time classic Jules Verne's Around the world in 80 days for Scholastic.


The Frog Prince : Retold by Scholastic

These two were done for the evergreen "Frog Prince" story in the similar style as the Stork and the Fox. They belong to the same book so the similarity of style.


The Landlord : Russian Folk tale

Two illustration options for a Russian folk tale. I preferred the one on the left because of it cold look....and the earthy feel...but a kid's book perhaps demands something else..may be more vibrant like the first one....

The rest two....


The Fox and the Stork

These are illustrations for a chapter of a children's book for Scholastic India pvt.ltd
Pencil colour effect isn't that bad in Coral Painter x.Liked the scratchy effect!!!