Illustration Friday : Adapt

After a long contemplation I decide to draw something which had left a haunting image in my mind long back as kid.
" Bagh Bahadur " or " The Tiger Dancer" ( 1989) a national award winning children's film directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta. The story goes something like this, Ghunuram ( Pavan Malhotra ) is a Tiger dancer by choice where he performs fake combats with humans and entertains people of the village. But his fate makes him adapt a situation where he faces the real beast and the film ends with a depressing note with the real beast winning over the adapted one. A must watch for kids and adults specially for Pavan Malhotra's mind blowing performance as Ghunuram. Enjoy !!


The Wise n The Holy Men

The stand-alone

The Beard-o-

The Rasta Priest

The Highness

The Radio-active ( courtesy Ravi )

Its been for a long time that I have enjoyed drawing the saffron clad , perpetually high on holy-weed Saint/Sages/Priest. Devoid of any such materialistic binding they hold the most amazing characters in them through their attire and their rusty weathered looks. With age really the wisdom comes into you I suppose !!!



One fine summer afternoon

I shifted to a new apartment few days back...it's away from the hullabaloo of Mumbai-madness in Borivili. Small and peaceful dwelling for two of us (me and Ravi). As recession still haunts me sometimes, my imagery keeps me calm. Tried out my hands on ever loving water colour..the toughest of medium to deal with...I think I still havent lost it yet...enjoy !!!!


Illustration Friday:Contagious

" Yawning" can be extremely contagious !!! which ends up in a state of slumber...enjoy!!!


Cell-ish Bhais

Few characters done for an agency ad campaign for cell phone dealers called " cell-ish bhai "...had to play around with the cliche image of them.