Mumbai Locals

Believe me guys, I go and come back from the office like this, everday!
Thats the spirits of the locals in Mumbai...


Pritam a junior in college, he has fascinating spiked hair which resembles the dinos of the Jurrasic Age...according to him its natural...


Sketchbook: My oxygen....can't part!!

some more dirty drawings..!!


Sketchbooks are always been my inspiration to start the thought process, these are few of those examples of that process...very random, dirty doodles and scribbles.But thats the way I think.

The French connection

Christian Cailleaux a french graphic novel artist who happen to visit NID once...visit his site at
Those were the sleepy mornings...consequences of SLA lectures...dn't remember who was it!

Animal Farm

Orwell is simply brilliant...a cover page of my sketchbook, done as I got bored waiting for a bus to Ahmedabad during my diploma.


'Iyeronic' or Iyer the blogger, my inspiration to start this space of mine.

One of it's kind

He resemble's Sukumar Ray's Pagladashu ( the mad cap)...a very good friend of mine!

Animals are funny people..

Believe it or not it's an elephant's eye

Raj Babbar's Dog Simba

The most beautiful creation of God

Kittens enjoying the slumber in the animation studio.

I dont know what would have happened if God wouldn't have created animals

Something like Surreal

A digital painting made for a shoot at MTV.I tried really hard to be DALI,but he is a genius...


THE EMPEROR AND THE NIGHTINGALE: Hans Christian Andersan. Scholastic,India

These are illustrations for a children's book published by Scholastic, India.

some more...

CHICKEN MAMA AND OTHER SHORT STORIES: A book illustrated by me published by Penguin ,India

These are few of the illustrations done for the above book for children...
purely ink,and charcoal medium except the cover.It was fun working for kids.

The Economic Times: A Transit Phase

My first job after I stepped out of college was at The Economic Times as a cartoonist.I dealt those seven months with utter patience but finally decide to leave, as print media is not I aimed for...I was intrested in the Moving Image. These r the few cartoons which i happen to churn out in a very short span of time each day.Believe me it wasent atall Extra Terestrial for me.

Some more of E.T