THE EMPEROR AND THE NIGHTINGALE: Hans Christian Andersan. Scholastic,India

These are illustrations for a children's book published by Scholastic, India.


Rick Shah said...

sir jee.. i love your nightingale and emporer series... especially the one on staircases... lots oof ppl.... really cool... reminds me of monk and the fish.... WAY TO GO...

Vinu said...

I love 'The Emperor and the Nightingale' series. The colour scheme is really nice. Like Smit I cast my vote for the staircase illustration... can't point out what it is about this one but it certainly catches your attention... the shadows on the stairs are nice.
This visually rich blog deserves some more text.

kookiejar said...

Staircase one is the best! Colour sceme-ta besh.... crit: goru-ta ektu poshchim bonger hoye gelo naki?!!

Rest are cool too..... post often!