Illustration Friday : Adapt

After a long contemplation I decide to draw something which had left a haunting image in my mind long back as kid.
" Bagh Bahadur " or " The Tiger Dancer" ( 1989) a national award winning children's film directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta. The story goes something like this, Ghunuram ( Pavan Malhotra ) is a Tiger dancer by choice where he performs fake combats with humans and entertains people of the village. But his fate makes him adapt a situation where he faces the real beast and the film ends with a depressing note with the real beast winning over the adapted one. A must watch for kids and adults specially for Pavan Malhotra's mind blowing performance as Ghunuram. Enjoy !!


Coreopsis said...

What a provocative and threatening picture. I love the patterns of the tiger, the dancer and the background--the bulk of the tiger, the motion of the dancer, and how it all echoes the same orange danger. Wonderful!

Fox said...

this is good!!

Jim Doran said...

Terrific! I love the composition and the tiger.

Rakesh Vanamali said...


myriadmind said...
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myriadmind said...

was it a children's film ?
It had rather serious undertones
great work nonetheless,
i would have also liked the mask highlighted more, cos that's one thing that was iconic as far as the film was concerned...maybe a change of angle of baghbahadur would have helped you do that.
Extremely uneducated comments i admit

Anish Daolagupu said...

happy birthday Bondhu!!! lots of lou!!